Al-Rahmat International Trust achievements

Phase I

Relief - Initial relief in the form of shelter, tents, food and medical relief to earthquake victims.


Phase II

Acquisition - Acquisition of over 26,000 sq.ft of land in the heart of the city of Bagh.


Phase III

Construction – Planning, design and Construction of the Al-Rahmat Educational complex and the mosque, The mosque is to be build on over 10,000 sq.ft in Turkish ottoman style.


Phase IV

Operational – To keep the projects running.

Kashmir Earthquake 2005

Measuring at 7.6 on the Richter scale, the catastrophic earthquake on October 8th 2005, rocked the whole of the Indian subcontinent, particularly the Kashmir and North West provinces of Pakistan.

Our representatives at Al-Rahmat International Trust have visited the affected areas to assess the extent of the damage and decide the best way to present relief work so that it would provide maximum benefit to the selected AJK province victims for the greatest time possible.

Key Facts

Data shows that the worst affected areas have been identified as Bagh and Muzaffarabad within Kashmir (AJK) and Mansehra, Balakot and Kanai within the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) (Data from UNICEF).

To date, the earthquake has claimed over 87,000 lives and has left more than 3 million people homeless.

The earthquake destroyed or damaged approximately 9,968 schools and 7,669 higher educational establishments.

Around 18,000 school students and 853 teachers were killed as Saturday morning classes got under way.

85% of primary schools in Mansehra and Battagram districts of NWFP were damaged or destroyed.

87% of primary schools in Bagh district and 92% of schools in Muzaffarabad were damaged or destroyed.

The education of 450,000 primary school children was interrupted.

Ramadan 2012

Al Rahmat International Trust have provided all Muslims around the world with the latest 2011 Ramadan Calender as well all anticipate the arrival of the holiest month of the year.

During the month of Ramadan - which comes to as being the nine in the Islamic Calender, InshaAllah we will use this time for fasting and seeking spiritual guidance from the all mighty himself. We must all have the intention to complete a full month of fasting and fulfilling our prayers providing we are fit and healthy.

We must also remember the needy, those that are less fortunate than us. Al-Rahmat International Trust aims to provide relief work in most of Pakistan Regions, with recently focusing on the 2005 earthquake, undertaking a big project to provide and build an educational complex in the Bagh region not far from Muzzafrabad. The Al-Rahmat Team will endeavor to provide you with the latest updates as they become available on the progress of this project.